Research Planning

How do you like to travel?

Do you pick a point on a map, get in the car and go, and hope you find adventure and fun along the way?

Or do you plan?

What about your research?

Do you pick a subject and just hope you find useful information?

I’m a planner. I like to know that I will be rewarded with fun and interesting things along the way. This comes from years of traveling on a budget – both time and disposable income are precious commodities! I frequently combine trips to research repositories or places of ancestral interest with my love for road trips and travel. My research goals for these trips is planned for efficiency and reward just like the road trip is.

Whether you are driving a few counties away to visit a courthouse, or planning a week-long stay where great Uncle Clarence raised his seven children on an alpaca farm, I can help you make the most of it.

Complete the contact form below – let me know where you want to go and how to reach you to get your plan started!

Rates for travel planning will vary, but generally you can expect:

Free 15 minute phone consultation to assess your planning needs.

$40 – A basic locality guide tailored to your research goals and likeliest resources available in the area you are visiting. This also includes general tourist highlights of historical and cultural interest.

$75 – The above guide and tourist highlights with a detailed genealogy research plan to include specific record resources, repository call numbers, and points of contact in the area to help further your efforts.

$99 – All of the above with added value of recommended itinerary, places to eat, sleep and near by points of historical interest not included in the basic guide.

Sample locality guides will be posted soon and may be available upon request. Locality guides will detail location, parking, hours of operation, anticipated resources, any restrictions for use or copying materials, etc.

In order to best meet your research goals, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding some personal travel preferences, limitations, and expectations.