Lectures and Presentations

Contact me today to schedule a presentation for your next meeting or conference. I have extensive experience with public speaking and adult learning and also a strong passion for helping others succeed – so sharing my genealogy experiences, tips, and anecdotes is a joy for me. Below are a few of the current topics available and most can be tailored to your time allotment and agenda. Click the Genealogical Speakers Guild logo for more information.


  • Maritime Ghosts: An overview of the US Lifesaving Service. Prior to 1915, our coastal waters were patrolled day and night by volunteers who risked their lives to save stranded and shipwrecked sailors. Learn more about this forgotten piece of our maritime past.
  • Vital information hidden in NARA RG 26. An overview of the types of information found in the original records archived within record group 26 of the National Archives.
  • Genealogy Research Trip Planning – How to get the most out of your visit to the old hometown. 
    A 45-minute to 1-hour presentation with optional workshop elements introducing a framework to plan an effective and efficient research trip to most US locations.
  • Best Practices for Keeping Society Volunteers and Visitors Coming Back
    Does your society struggle to keep volunteers? Do your visitors show appreciation through referrals, return visits, or donations? We will explore strategies and tips for providing great customer service.